School History


In 1896  Our school was founded as a branch school of a middle school ,for boys, in Matsuyama,Ehime.

            It is the second oldest High School in Ehime prefecture.

            This school was aimed at offering general education.

In 1899  It became independent from the school in Matsuyama.

In 1948  It became a high school.

            A part-time course for workers was newly introduced.

In 1949  A nearby school for girls was integrated.

In 1950  A commercial course was newly introduced.

In 1957  The baseball team won the national championship this summer.

In 1968  A science and mathematics course was newly introduced.

In 1972  A nursing course was newly introduced. 

In 2004  The school stopped teaching nursing.

In 2018  The school was officially designated as "Super Science High school"


Brief Introduction

  The site on which our school was built, used to be a castle in the Edo era.  The symbolic architecture at this school is "The Castle Gate".  Our school is also surrounded by a moat.  When you visit our school, you can feel a long established tradition and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.  Our school has played an important role in higher education and has been one of the best schools in this district for a long time.  Now we have about 900 students and they study diligently in three fields