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Yu-fa-z (Medical Affairs 1)

On October 3rd, 1st year students had a lecture on medical affairs in Saijo, especially the present situation of the affairs.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding 3)

On September 30th, 1st year students had Yu-fa-z.  They thought about new events which they thought would promote a local society friendly to people with multicultural background.  They shared the ideas in groups and in class.

Research Study(Business Course)

On September 26th, one of the research study groups in the business course, whose theme is Saijo Festival, put together parts of Danjiri, or a float for the local festival.

Students' Essay

The following is a student's response to the question "What's your dream vacation?"

I want to go to an island during my summer vacation.  I wanted to go to Hawaii before this lesson, but now, I want to go to the Philippines, because I was recommended to visit the country.  The Philippines have more than 7,000 islands!  So I want to visit all the islands with my friends!!  I want to try surfing, swimming, scuba diving and so on.

Multi-Science Ⅰ

From September 17th to 20th, Mr. Mukai and three graduate students from Ehime University visited us and gave advice on our research study.  This visit is part of the trial program which involves graduate school students majoring in pedagogy in research study at high school.

Yu-fa-z (International Understanding 2)

On September 19th, students in the first year had a lecture on international understanding 2.  They shared the ideas about events which they think will lead to the intercultural understanding in the local area.  Then they got information about what kind of international events Saijo City offer to its citizens.

Students' Essays

The following are a students' responses to the question "What's your dream vacation?"

★ My dream vacation is to go to Bolivia.  I want to go to Salar de Uyuni.  It is so beautiful.  I want to go there with my family.  I want to walk on the lake and I want to take a lot of pictures.

★ I want to go to the South Pole.  I want to go there with my friends.  I believe I can enjoy the view there.  I want to watch unique animals, too.  But I don't want to feel cold.

Students' Essays

The following are students' responses to the question "What's your dream vacation?"

★ I want to go to space.  I want to experience zero gravity.  I want to "swim."  I am going to go to space with my brother.  We are going to be "Space brothers."

★ I want to go to Miyagi and Iwate on my birthday.  I want to go with my friends.  I want to visit many places drawn in "Haikyu," which features high school volleyball players.  I want to enjoy talking and experience Haikyu's world.  I hope this plan will be true.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding)

On September 13th, 1st year students had a lecture about international understanding.  A lecturer from Saijo City Hall talked about a local community with foreigners.  Students thought about what they can do to build a city where both local and forein citizens respect cultures with each other.

Exchange Students Visited Us

On September 11th, Wednesday, two exchange students who are studying at the graduate school of Kyoto University visited us.  They are now staying at Kanbe and Senjo respectively for their research study.  A student from Vietnam is studying Japanese culture, and a French student is working on local resources.  ESS international understanding club students introduced popular sweets shops in Saijo.  They had a pleasant interaction.