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Latest News

June 14th,2018

Online English Conversation Lesson ②

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The following is students’ comments:
●It is difficult but it’s very interesting.  I should have prepared more.
●I think it’s very interesting!  So I want to have a lesson regularly.
●I have learned a phrase “Don’t mention it.” besieds “You’re welcome.”
●I have enjoyed talking with my tutor a lot.  I said, “When you refuse some request, you should throw a kiss.”  Then she laughed a lot too.  I want to meet her.  I had a really good time. 

20180614E-7.jpg 20180614E-8.jpg


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Today we had 23 GWHS students again!  We had a really wonderful time with them.  Their presentations have helped us understand their hometown better. 

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June 13th,2018


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Today 11 students of GWHS visited us, and they had a presentation in 5 classes at Saijo HS.  Their topics are food and sports in San Francisco. 


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June 12th,2018

GWHS students and teachers, welcome to Saijo HS!

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We welcomed 23 students from GWHS.  They had “bento,” or a lunch box together with their “new” classmates.  11 studetns will visit us tomorrow again and have a presentation.

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June 11th,2018

Students of GWHS have arrived in Saijo!

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Four teachers and 23 students of GWHS have arrived in Saijo.  They are going to visit us tomorrow.  We are looking forward to having them.


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