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September 20th,2018

Shelley’s Essay

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The perfect cup of tea.

We Brits loving drinking tea. Tea is very important in England; drinking tea together is a bonding experience. My mother loves drinking tea.  If she was in the desert and dying of dehydration she wouldn’t call out for water, it would most definitely be tea.

It was popularised in England during the 1660’s, by King Charles II, but the well known afternoon tea concept didn’t take popularity until the 19th century.
In 1880 it was a popular event for the upper classes, which consisted of dainty sandwiches, scones and jams and drinking tea. It would later be known as afternoon tea.

We have served tea in several different ways throughout time. In the past we tea was served from silver teapots into bone china cups. Bone china is very delicate and the milk was added to the cup first to prevent the boiling water breaking the cup.

Nowadays tea is served in a mug with some small biscuits or cake to snack on. If you ever make tea for a British person it’s important to ask them how they like it, as everyone has different tastes and preferences.

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September 13th,2018

Online English Conversation Lesson on September 11th

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The lesson material is “I wish I could be more outgoing.”  The following are the students’ comments:

★ I realized that my speaking skills have improved.
★ I think today’s lesson was a failure.  It is difficult to describe about myself.  But I will do my best!
★ I have enjoyed today’s lesson.  But I think I have to study pronunciation more.
★ I think I must practice my English pronunciation.  I just kept up with my tutor, so I could not enjoy my lesson.  I want to enjoy talking with her next time! 

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September 3rd,2018

Shelley’s Self-introduction

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Hello everyone. I will be the new ALT for this year.
This is my first time in Japan so everything is still very new to me.
I’ve found the hospitality in Saijo to be outstanding and I feel very welcomed. I love walking around Saijo City as there is so much to see and the view of the mountains is so beautiful.
I come from a place called Rochester which is in the south-east of England. My City is known for two things, which are the hops that we grow to make many different types of beer and the famous author Charles Dickens. We hold two Dickens festivals a year to celebrate his work. We dress up in Victorian clothes, play live music, dance and sing. We also hold contests for the best costume and have a costume parade down the main high street. People come from miles away to see the Dickens festival. It’s can get quite crowded but it’s a lot of fun.



August 29th,2018

Student’s report about the summer challenge school

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I joined the summer challenge school to improve my English skills.  At first, I was a little worried, but gradually I got accustomed to listening to English and I was able to enjoy working with my group members.  Especially the group presentation, it was the most memorable activity.  We were given a question according to a certain topic.  We had to come up with our solution and give a presentation in front of other groups.  The subject was “How can I become a globally minded person?”  I talked with everyone in our group and shared my ideas.  We practiced a lot.  After the presentation, I felt happy because I could do it without any mistake.  I realized that it is important to try to communicate, and not only to try to be able to speak  English perfectly.  I think that this experience has changed me.

August 22nd,2018


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A new ALT has just arrived!  She is from UK.  We are looking forward to learning English with her.


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