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September 1st,2017

Challenge Summer School in Ehime

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Challenge Summer School in Ehime, 2017
(From August 2nd to 4th)

The following is the students’ report.
I joined Challenge Summer School in Ehime, 2017.
It was really exciting and enjoyable.  I could communicate with a lot of ALTs and students in other schools.  ALTs were very kind to us and interesting.  I was surprised at students who have good pronunciation and speak English.  I realized that I want to speak English more fluently with good pronunciation.  If I can do it, I will be able to enjoy talking with foreign people.  During this camp, we discussed “the importance of going to school every day,” and “the profit of learning foreign languages.” 
By doing various activities, I could make great memories and have a nice time.  I could also get motivation to study English hard.

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August 30th,2017

Students’ report on their school trip (Taiwan)

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On the first day, I visited the National Palace Museum.  There was a sculpture of a Chinese cabbage with a grasshopper and a long-horned grasshopper on it.  They were among the most popular statues in Taiwan.  People in the old days in China thought that a Chinese cabbage was a lucky charm for a bride.

On the second day, we had a Taiwanese university student show us around Taipei.  I got to know Taiwan better on that day.  We went around the city with our guide, a female university student.  Her name is Ms. Chin.  She is very cute, and she can speak Japanese well.  We used the subway for the first time.  First, we ate small casket for lunch.  It was very delicious, and I came to like it.  After that, we ate shaved ice with tapioca milk tea and mango.  It was cold, and very fruity.  I liked the mango.  Then, we bought souvenirs.  I had a very good time.  I’m thankful to Ms. Chin.

We visited “Chinfen” on July 29.  This was the place I had wanted to go to the most.  So I had been really looking forward to visiting it.  Unfortunately, it was terribly rainy when we got there and I felt sorry at first.  However, I found that the rain goes well with Chiufen.  I enjoyed sightseeing very much.

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August 28th,2017

Students’ report on their school trip (Okinawa)

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First,we went to Churaumi Aquarium. I really wanted to see the dolphin’s show, but it had already started when we got there.  Luckily, we could see its show for a short time.  The dolphins were very cute.  After that, we watched many beautiful fish.  I was happy because I could see them.

On June 28th, we experienced paddling a canoe and observing mangrove.  I think that mangrove is a strange plant, because the plant won’t produce seeds.  I felt the evolution of the plant.  On June 29th, we went swimming in the sea.  The sea of Okinawa is very beautiful.  I experienced snorkeling in the sea.  I could meet a sea turtle.  The little turtle had an injury from being bitten by a shark.  I think we should protect sea turtles.

We went to Shuri Castle.  Okinawa once had the name “Ryukyu.”  It was a different country from Japan, and it became a battlefield.  Many people were killed in the Pacific War.  On the last day of the trip, we went to Himeyuri Tower.  It was the place where students gave first aid to the injured.  But the place was blown up.  I felt really sorry for that.



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August 25th,2017

Students’ report on their school trip (Tokyo)

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I visited Tokyo Skytree.  It was very tall and the view from the observatory was very beautiful.  I watched a musical at the theater.  The title was “The Phantom of the Opera.”  The volume was very loud.  I was very moved by the story.  I want to watch it again.

On the second day, we walked around Tokyo.  There were a lot of people there.  At first, we went to Asakusa.  Asakusa is famous for the Senso Temple.  There were three big lanterns.  When I saw them for the first time, I was surprised.  Next, we went to Harajuku.  We enjoyed shopping there.  Also, we could buy some souvenirs.  Finally, we went to 109, a shopping mall in Shibuya.  I was satisfied buying some clothes.  While traveling by train, I met a boy.  He is French.  And he is eighteen years old.  I talked with him a little.  It was difficult for me to make myself understood, but it was fun.  I want to go to Tokyo again.

On the third day, we went to Tokyo Disneyland.  I felt under a magic spell.  Everything was very nice.  I rode many attractions.  Especially, the roller coaster called Big Thunder Mountain.  It was the most interesting.  The event for the Star Festival was being held.  I wrote my wish on a strip of paper.  I hope that our wishes will come true.  The night parade was very beautiful.  I was happy and happy. 

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August 7th,2017

Thank you for having us! (at Chang Hua Arts Senior High School)

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Thank you for having us!
(at Chang Hua Arts Senior High School, on June 28th)

【Students’ comments】

 The performances were really great.  I am a member of the brass band club, so I wanted to listen to more of your music and I also wanted to play with the students.

The dancing was really beautiful.  BGM was cool and the dancing was elaborate.  I really enjoyed it.

We were really happy to talk with you even for a short time.  We also appreciate you sharing time between exams.

We were sorry that we didn’t get to spend more time with you.  I hope to see you again.  We’d like to have you in Saijo, our hometown.  Come and visit our school!

This interaction has taught us about different cultures.  And it also showed us that it is important to understand each other. 

We had a good time talking over lunch.  Our native languages are different but I was able to find out some things we have in common such as reaction or feeling as a student.  I want to learn Chinese to communicate better with you!

I envy about the school environment.  It is surrounded by green and small animals.  The student I interacted with was a good Japanese speaker.  It was amazing.  Ms. Chin, who sat next to me, knows about “Taketombo” , a Japanese bamboo craft toy.  She has become interested in Uchinuki, a natural spring water in Saijo.  That’s really amazing too.

I interacted with foreign high school students for the first time.  I was nervous, but you spoke to us in a friendly way.  The time was short but we had a really fulfilling time.  There was a dish I had never had on a lunch plate and Taiwanese students explained it to us.  I enjoyed the lunch too.  I hope you’ll visit Saijo if you come to Japan.

We had two students who major in English.  They helped us understand them by speaking slowly and using gestures.  The school we visited is quite different.  They go to the Arts high school and we go to the school with general course.  We enjoyed the difference.  Teachers spoke to us a lot and we soon felt the nervousness disappearing.  We thank you all for welcoming us warmly.

I was surprised that the students speak fluent English.  I have to improve my English.



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