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January 12th,2019

New Year’s Article Part 2

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On New Year’s Eve people gather together, whether that be round a friend’s house or at a company party. Every major city organises fireworks to go off on the stroke of midnight. It is especially crowded at London’s south bank near the London Eye and Houses of Parliament with people waiting to see the fireworks. It’s a time of renewal and hopes for the future, where anything is possible. So on the count of midnight you surround yourself with your favourite people and count down together until midnight, then you have to kiss as many people as possible and wish them a happy new year. It’s also a time to message everyone you know and give them New Year’s greetings. After that everyone parties the night away into the early morning.

January 7th,2019

A new year card from Kamil

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Kamil is a student who came from Germany to Saijo in 2017 and shared nine months with us. He sent us a new year card.  His Japanese is amazing.


January 3rd,2019

New Year’s Article Part 1

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As well as Christmas New Year is also a national holiday, which celebrates the coming of the New Year. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the previous year, to think on all you have accomplished, what you have to be thankful for, mistakes you’ve made, what you need to improve on. It’s also to plan what you want to achieve for the year ahead. It gives you a rare chance to analyse your life and think of what you want to do with your time. It is traditional to think of a New Year’s resolution. Why is that? It gives you a goal to achieve for the coming year and keeps you motivated to do it. It’s also just a bit of fun. (Shelley)

December 26th,2018

ESS members with Shelley

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ESS international understanding club had English activities with Shelley, an ALT.  The students had a good time with her, speaking and listening to English.

20181221E-1.jpg 20181226E-1.jpg


December 21st,2018

Thank you for giving us a good opportunity!

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Anett, an exchange student from Estonia who has been with us for nine months, is going back home.  She said, “It has been lovely to study in a different culture and environment full os sincere people.”  We have had a very fruitful time with her!

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