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December 11th,2018

Shelley’s essay about Christamas Ver.2

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Christmas is also a good opportunity to help different charities. Many schools around England take part in Operation Christmas Child, it’s a charity where students in school each make and fill a shoe box full of toys, games or food and have then shipped off to countries that have suffered through disaster, poverty or war. As Christmas is a time for appreciating what you have and giving to those that weren’t as fortunate as you.

Did you know that Christmas was not always a Christian holiday. It originated from paganism and was originally called Yuletide. Christianity adopted this holiday for itself to gain more followers and to entice pagans to join their religion. No matter what the day is called as long as people remember to think of others and be kind I think we can all agree it’s a holiday worthy of remembrance and celebration.


December 6th,2018

Shelley’s essay about Christmas Ver.1

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Christmas is a national holiday, but not everyone in the UK celebrates the religious event as we live in a multicultural society with many people practising different religions. The true essence of Christmas is being kinder and more caring towards other people regardless of race, religion or status. One of the best examples I can give is during World War One 1914, on Christmas Day many French, English and German troops called an unofficial ceasefire. They sang Christmas carols and played football with each other, they also exchanged greetings and souvenirs. Even in the middle of war, these soldiers taught us how important it is to have a holiday that encourages us to be kinder to each other.

I personally love Christmas as it’s the only time of year my whole family gathers together. On Christmas Eve my family go to church and takes part in midnight mass. We would sing carols and listen to a sermon by the Vicar. Then on Christmas Day we spend all day together playing games and opening presents. I liked making the Christmas dinner, it’s traditional to always cook way too much in my family and spend the next few days slowly eating the leftovers.


November 29th,2018

Students’ comments about “World Cafe”

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“World Cafe” was held on November 10 and 11.  The following are the students’ comment:

I participated the industrial festival for the first time.  I gave children a sticker on which “LOVE SAIJO” is printed.  They smiled at us and said, “Thank  you.”  I was very happy.  This let me work very hard.  I want to spread “LOVE SAIJO.”  Today, I was busy, but I was very excited.

I took part in volunteer work for the first time.  I was nervous at first, but gradually I got used to it and I was less nervous.  I worked for only a few hours, but it was a good experience to talk to foreigners.  I’d like to participate when I have another chance.

I had never taken part in the event like this.  But, I was able to enjoy talking with Vietnamese guests.  It was difficult for me to speak Vietnamese.  On the other hand, Vietnamese trainees speak Japanese very well.  I was surprised by this.  I thought that I want to interact with more foreigners.

I’m very glad I got to talk with a lot of people who came to ‘World Cafe’ and ‘Vietnamese Fair.’  This is a good experience for me because I was able to learn a lot of things about Vietnam.  I want to visit Vietman someday.  I was glad to wear Ao dai, a Vietnamese traditional dress.

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November 22nd,2018

Students’ comments about Saijo Halloween Party 2018

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The following are the students’ comments:

★ I was nervous at first thinking what kind of the game I had to help children with, but I enjoyed it very much.  It was difficult to talk with people who I had not known before and I sometimes failed to make myself understood.  However, it was a pleasant and fruitful experience. 

★ I had a very good time today.  Face painting was difficult to deal with, but I felt happy when I saw children excited after they got their faces painted.  I want to take part in various activities held in Saijo.

★ I was glad to interact with people who were enjoying this event.  I said to them, “Happy Halloween!” when I checked their participant card.  They responded with a smile, saying, “Happy Halloween!” too.  Their smile helped me do my best.

★ I felt uneasy before I took part in the volunteer work.  But through the activity, I made new friends.  I was able to work hard with them.  We could talk to children, and make them happy.

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November 16th,2018

Shelley’s Essay

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Guy Fawkes night

Guy Fawkes night, otherwise known as bonfire night or fireworks night. This is one of my favourite English festivals. It is held on the 5th of November which is the same day my older brother was born. Every year when they set off the fireworks he thought that everyone was celebrating his birthday and setting off the fireworks just for him.
What is Guy Fawkes night and why do we celebrate it? It comes from a historical event in 1605 and it was probably one of the first instances of successful counter-terrorism in the UK. A group of people tried to blow up the House of Lords with dynamite. They wanted to change politics and start a revolution by overthrowing Protestant King James I. Guy Fawkes was the man guarding the dynamite. He was caught before anyone could set the dynamite off and he sentenced to be hanged from treason against the country.

So that’s why every year on November the 5th we make a life-sized doll called a guy out of material and clothes, stuffed with straw or newspaper and gather around a big bonfire and burn the guy on the fire as we set off fireworks. We also have a rhyme about it “Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot, I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

I have always enjoyed Guy Fawkes night, but reflecting back I can see how strange it must seem to celebrate such an event.

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