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March 7th,2019

St. Patrick’s Day —Part 2

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St Patrick’s Day is usually during Lent, but for this event, the restrictions on food and alcohol are lifted, since then it has been a day famous for it’s drinking to excess. St Patrick’s Day is also known for the leprechaun, which is an Irish fairy. They said if you are clever enough to catch one it will grant you three wishes for its freedom. Leprechauns are also known for hiding gold at the end of rainbows, I spent a lot of time as a child trying to find the end of a rainbow to find buried gold, however, because rainbows are a refraction of light it’s impossible to find the ends on the ground.

February 27th,2019

St. Patrick’s Day—Part 1

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St Patrick’s Day is held on the 17th of March. It is primarily an Irish festival, as it celebrates Saint Patrick coming to Ireland and the arrival of Christianity in the country. It’s a great day to celebrate Irish history, tradition and culture. It is custom to wear green on this day as well as have decorations of shamrocks everywhere. The shamrock is also called a three-leafed clover, if you ever find a four-leafed clover it is considered to be very lucky and good things will happen to you. During this day Ireland has parades and festivals. Many other countries all over the world join in and celebrate this day with the Irish.

February 19th,2019

“Thank you”

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Juil is an exchange student who came from the Phillipines and stayed with us for three weeks.  He left a “thank you message” at his host family’s.  What a beautiful gift he gave them!

20190218E-1.jpg 20190218E-2.jpg

February 7th,2019

Shelley’s English borad & essay

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Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February.
Every year people send secret Valentine’s Day cards to the person they like.
It is anonymous, so no one knows who it is from.

It does not always have to be romantic, friends give each other cards in the UK to show they care about each other.

For people with girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives, it’s a day to spend together. They give gifts to each other and go someplace special to them.

It’s traditional to give chocolates, flowers and other small things on this day.
Some people confess their feelings to the person they like on this day.

Who do you like? Why not send them a secret Valentine’s?


January 29th,2019

My winter vacation ③

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Today, I will talk about my special experiences while on winter vacation.  During a vacation, I worked as a Miko.  “Miko” is a woman who serves God.  I did the work on New Year’s Day.  For example, I gave fortunes to worshipers.  I greeted them with a smile.  I wore a shouzoku when I worked as a Miko.  “Shouzoku” is made of thin cloth.  So it was very cold in the winter.  In particular, I feel very cold over the morning from the night.  It was hard.  But I could try my best, because many of my friends came to see me.  I was so happy to meet my best friend after so long.  I had a good time as a Miko.


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