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February 15th,2018

Students’ Journal

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I read an article about how to get a good sleep last night.  According to the Yomiuri newspaper, you shouldn’t use a cellphone before you sleep.  I usually play video games every night so I stopped it last night.  I was surprised because it was easy to get up this morning.  I want to keep this new habit.


February 8th,2018

Students’ Journal

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I went to a lecture meeting of Hayashi Osamu and I actually got to listen to him.  He talked about the difference between what you can do and what you are eager to do.  His talk was easy to understand and very instructive.  I thought that I have to fix my eyes on my future because we will encounter many difficulties.  For example, the aging population and a declining birthrate is progressing, and each of us, who are now high school students, will have to carry four elederly people on our backs as we get older.

January 31st,2018

Ensemble Contest

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The ensemble contest was held last Sunday.  Saijo High School Chorus Club participated in the competition.  For this competition, we practiced very hard late into the night every day.  I was nervous before the result announcement.  We got a gold medal, but we cannot get the qualification to go to the national competition.  At first, words did not come out of my mouth.  But now, I think that I should face the reality and not shed tears.  We will do our best next time.


January 26th,2018

Students’ Journal

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These days, I realized the importance of good health, especially sleep.  Before sleeping, I drank a cup of hot chocolate and listened to a piano piece.  It’s important to relax your mind and body when you sleep. 
By the way, I think human dreams are interesting.  Our dream seems to be unrelated to our memory but it IS related.  Brains make complex dreams.


January 24th,2018

Students’ Journal

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Today I want to write about this entry using words on Red Yumetan Unit 05.
These days our classroom’s atmosphere has been a little tense since the National Center Test for University Admission was carried out.  I think most students don’t have time to afford to use freely.  I am trying hard to develop my English ability and ban using my smartphone.  I believe that my study’s outlook will be better.


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