2020-9 Blog Entry List


On August 24th, 1st year students had a meeting at the gym.  Representatives of each class made their presentations about their reports on medicine and disaster prevention.  They had an active question-and-answer session.

Presentation Contest for Students of the Super Science High School 2020

Presentation Contest for Students of the Super Science High School 2020 was held online.  Our students from the chemistry club had recorded their poster presentation and submitted it to the contest.  This day, they watched presentations made by the other students online and voted for the best.  Though held online, our students have learned a lot on how to make a better presentation.  

Collaborative Regional Innovation Contest

On August 6th, a small ceremony was held at our principal's office for the students who won the prize in the Collaborative Regional Innovation Contest sponsored by Ehime University.

2nd Place
"Research about the diet for high-need people in case of disaster--First step toward the awareness of food allergies

Honorable Mention
"Iyo Classical Literature---Tales in Ehime"
"Effective Use of Pictogram at Evacuation Centers"
"Kian-KOU-Bou--Stibnite Craft Studio"

Relay Lecture

On July 29h, some of the 3rd year students took part in the Relay Lecture to deepen the understanding of the community.  The lecturers were from Saijo City Hall.  The topics were about local industry and water conditions in Saijo.

Seminar at Ehime University

On July 25th and 26th, at Ehime University, a seminar was held in order for high school students to enhance their science skills.  Four students of our school took part in it.  They worked on the experiment in the field of biology and they also learned about data processing with "R", a software.