2020-1 Blog Entry List

Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question, "What can we do to protect the environment?"

Japan is working on solving the environmental issues.  It's important to consider the way to solve them.  Then, I came up with the idea.  It is that people in the world grow up their own trees.  There are two reasons.

First, plants produce oxygen, but they are decreasing now.  It's because people don't plants after they cut and use them.  Then, all people grow trees, and then they can increase them.

Second, plants can be some creatures' homes.  It's necessary for us to preserve them.

For these reasons, I think the idea that dpeople all over the world own their trees will solve the environmental issues.

Students' Essay

The following is a student's response to the question, "What can you do to improve the environment?"

I think that it is good for the environment to pick up a trash.  I have two reasons.

Firstly, if we do that, the places where we pick up trsh will be clean.  I joined a volunteer work on the last summer vacation. After the firwork festival, I went to the river bank and picked up trash.  It was very early morning, so I was sleepy.  I wanted to finish.  But when my teacher said to me, "There was no trash.  This place is clean.  It's thanks to you," I was happy.  I thought it is good to pick up trash.

Secondly, it is easy to pick up trash.  Even small children can do.  And even for a short time, we can do.  So we should pick up trash for the environment.

In this way, I think it is effective to pick uptrash.  So I want to join volunteer activities from now on.  And I want to pick up trash in many places such as schools and parks myself.  To pick up trash is easy and we feel good when the places are cleaned.  So it is effective.

Presentation Contest

On January the 15th, "The 38th Shikoku Senior High School Students' Presentation Contest on International Understanding" was held at IYO Yume Mirai Hall in Iyo city.  ESS International Understanding Club members made a presentation and they won the good performance award.

Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question; "What's your favorite weather?  What do you like to do in that weather?"

I like sunny weather, especially the one in summer.  I like to eat hot food in hot weather.  And I liketo get exercise on a sunny day outside in summer.  I like to sweat like a pig after that.  Talking about this story to friends, they say "You are so funny."