2019-9 Blog Entry List

Students' Essays

The following are a students' responses to the question "What's your dream vacation?"

★ My dream vacation is to go to Bolivia.  I want to go to Salar de Uyuni.  It is so beautiful.  I want to go there with my family.  I want to walk on the lake and I want to take a lot of pictures.

★ I want to go to the South Pole.  I want to go there with my friends.  I believe I can enjoy the view there.  I want to watch unique animals, too.  But I don't want to feel cold.

Students' Essays

The following are students' responses to the question "What's your dream vacation?"

★ I want to go to space.  I want to experience zero gravity.  I want to "swim."  I am going to go to space with my brother.  We are going to be "Space brothers."

★ I want to go to Miyagi and Iwate on my birthday.  I want to go with my friends.  I want to visit many places drawn in "Haikyu," which features high school volleyball players.  I want to enjoy talking and experience Haikyu's world.  I hope this plan will be true.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding)

On September 13th, 1st year students had a lecture about international understanding.  A lecturer from Saijo City Hall talked about a local community with foreigners.  Students thought about what they can do to build a city where both local and forein citizens respect cultures with each other.

Exchange Students Visited Us

On September 11th, Wednesday, two exchange students who are studying at the graduate school of Kyoto University visited us.  They are now staying at Kanbe and Senjo respectively for their research study.  A student from Vietnam is studying Japanese culture, and a French student is working on local resources.  ESS international understanding club students introduced popular sweets shops in Saijo.  They had a pleasant interaction.    

Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question "What's your dream vacation?"

I want to go to Hawaii with someone I love in the future.  My birthday is in winter, so I want to go to Hawaii because it is warm.  I think that there is a beautiful sea.  I want to try some local food.  I  have never been abroad.  So I want to go abroad.

Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question "What is your dream?"

I want to become a parkour performer and to build a big parkour gym in Ehime.  To make my dream come true, I practice various techniques so hard.  It's sometimes difficult and dangerous, but I can't stop playing parkour.  I'm so fascinated by parkour.  My first meeting with parkour was a Japanese action movie.  I felt in love with that cool performances at first sight.  I want to try to spread it in Japan.  When I succeed, I will get supremely happy.

Report on Science Technology Tour

On September 9th, Monday, students who took part in the science technology tour(Kanto and Kansai area) made a presentation about what they learned at the institutions, laboratories, universites and so on.


Kanto Course: Students visited National Musium of Science, Tsukuba Space Center, NIMS(National Institutions for Materials Science), Nippon Steel Kashima Plant, Tokyo University and so on.

Kansai Course: Students visited Hanashin Awaji Earthquake Memorial Center/Human and Disaster Prevention Future Center, RIKEN, SSH Students' Presentation Contest, Osaka University, Nojima Fault Awaji Preservation Museum and so on.

Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question "What is your dream?"

I want to be a surgeon in the future.  There are two reasons.  First, I'm interested in medical practice because of the influence of my family.  My mother is a nurse, and my father is a radioloogist.  My sister studies hard to be a nurse.  So I want to work in the hospital.  Second, salaries are high and stable.  It is important to live comfortably.  I study hard to become a good surgeon.  Also, I sow interest in illness.  When my dream comes true, I can save many lives.  For example, when I become a surgeon, I can treat diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  I want to be a good surgeon and save many lives.

"CanSat KOSHIEN"- The Japanese High School CanSat Championship

On August 31st, Saturday, "CanSat KOSHIEN(Shikoku Area)" was held at Marine Park Niihama.  Saijo High School students, who are working on the research study with Niihama National College of Technology, took part in the Shikoku tournament.  Students who are studying technology at college or high school participated, and out students did their best.  They were ranked the third and won the incentive award.

Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question "What is your dream?"

My dream is to be an anatomist.  Now I prepare for my dream.  Frst, I'm going to go to Germany from August.  In Germany I'll learn medical welfare and anatomy.  Second, I study English and Germany because I want to be an anatomist.  Because I think that anatomy is medical cure of the future.  We can solve unknown diseases by anatomy.  I feel infinite possibilities for anatomy.  If I became anatomist, I work to increase the anatomic rate in Japan.