2019-6 Blog Entry List

YFU Exchange Students

YFU short-term exchange studetns have arrived from US.  They are going to stay in Saijo for about a month and experience high school life with us.

Students' Stories about their Goden Week Holiday 11

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I went to Hiuchi Athletic Stadium on May 1st.  It's because there was a tournament.  I participated in the high jump and the mile relay.  It was the first time for me to take part in the mile relay.  I was No. 1 in the high jump.  We were No.2 in the relay.  I was very happy.  But as for the high jump, I was a little sad, because I was not able to do my best.  I want to do my best in the next tournament, so I will practice hard.



Students in the first year prepared for the presentation on the topics "Disaster Prevention" and "Local Economy" on June 20th, Thursday.  They worked in groups in each class.  Some of them are going to have a presentation in the gym with a class representative on July 4th.


Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 10

The following is a student's story about their Golden Week Holiday in 2019.

On May fifth.  I went to Matsuyama with my family.  I enjoyed talking with them in the car on the way there.  Usually my parents are busy.  So I thought this time is important.  At noon, we arrived at Matsuyama and went shopping.  The Gintengai was full of people.  There were many foreigners because it was Golden Week.  While we were walking, a foreigner tried to talk to us.  He asked us something but I was not able to understand him clearly.  I said, "I can't speak English, sorry."  I want to catch and speak English well.  I had a special experience.  In the evening, we went to my grandmother's house.  We ate tempura there.  My grandparents and aunt were fine.  I talked about my high school life.  My aunt said, "Studying hard is very good.  But somethimes take a rest."  I said, "Thank you.  You too!"  I was able to relax and said to myself, "Do your best again!  My family's bond deepened today.  I had a good time.

Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 9

The following is a student's story about their Golden Week Holiday in 2019.

I climbed Mt. Ishizuchi with my family.  It was the first climbing experience for me and my sister.  First, we moved from Shimetani station to Joju station by ropeway and walked to the Joju station.  After visiting there, the mountain climbing began.  I went up a lot of stairs and walked uphill and downhill, so my feet hurt.  I also took a break on the way.  I climbed the first chain, the second chain, and the third chain.  The last chain were almost vertical and seemed long.  If you climb it and you will arrive at the top!  It was a long and hard way, but it was very fun to walk in nature, as it is not usually the case.  I also went to Mt. Tengu at a height of 1982 meters.  The height of 1982 meters was so high that I was surprised.  There was a big sense of accomplishment when I reached the top.  I had a very good experience as I was able to climb the highest mountain in western Japan.  I want to go there again.

Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 8

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I went to Kobe with my family to visit my grandfather and my uncle on May 1st.  My family and I left our house for Tokushima at teno'clock.  Because my grandmother and my uncle live there.  I saw them for the first time in two years.  My family and I took a rest in their house.  After that, we went to Kobe.  We went over the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.  We visited the museum of the bridge and we walked under it.  I felt very cool.  After that, we went to the Arima Hot Springs.  Our room had open an air bath.  I took a bath and I was very comfortable.  For dinner we had beef.  It's a Kobe menu.  The meal was delicious.  The next day, we went to the Kobe Port Tower.  The tower height is about one hundred meters.  The view of observatory was very beautiful.  We enjoyed the trip.  I love Kobe.  I want to go to Kobe again.

The Tobitate!(Leap for Tomorrow) Young Ambassador Program

The send-off Party and the advance training for the 5th batch of students studying abroad was held on June 8th, Saturday at MEXT.  Our student who is leaving for Germany this July to study took part in the meeting.  About 300 high school students gathered from all over Japan.  They inspired each other and had a very fruitful time.  (This year a total 800 high school students are leaving Japan to study abroad with the help of this Tobitate! program.)

Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 7

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

My brother became a university student this spring.  He lives in Osaka now.  My brother returned to Ehime from Osaka During Golden Week.  He suddenly came back to Imabari with his friend in his friend's car to surprise the family.  My mother looked at my brother and smiled.  And she said to him, "Did you lose a bit of weight?" Then tears started spilling from my mother's eyes.  My brother asnwered with a little hesitation.  "I'm all right."  I knew my mother's feeling towards my brother and I also knew my brother's feeling towards my mother.  We had a nice time during Golden Week.

Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 6

The following is a student's story about their GW holiday.

On May 6th, I ate freshwater fish and a charcoal-grilled chickens with my family in our garden.  These fish were caught by my father and brothers for my family.  The name of the fish is called "trout."  The fish is faster than killifish.  First, I ate trout.  It was tasty and it had a lot of meat because the trout was very fresh.  Second, I ate a charcoal-grilled chicken.  My father grilled them for us.  My father is kind.  The chicken was very good, too.  It made me happy, and my family made me feel relaxed.  I am full of happiness because I got to spend time with my family.  I want to go camping this summer.  I love my family.

Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 5

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I ate watermelon for the first time this year on the last day of the Heisei era.  It tasted sweet because we had had very little rain so far.  I like watermelon.  It's the best of all foods.  When I took English conversation lessons online, I told my teacher about that.  Unexpectedly, watermelons are vegetable.  Actually, melon is the same type of food, too.  My mother said to me a long time ago, "If you eat a watermelon seed, sprouts will come up out of your stomach."  Everyone knows this.  I was scared to hear that.  Looking back on it now, it was a silly story.  Speaking of watermelons, "split a watermelon with a stick blind folded," "fruit punch," and so on occur to me.  I'm getting excited just thinking about it.  I will keep loving watermelons.