2019-5 Blog Entry List

Anime/Manga 1

The following are students' answers to the task "Choose one anime/manga and explain why it is popular all overr the world."

★ I think "ONE-PIECE" os popular all over the world because it is an adventure story.  Adventure makes each generation excited because people require stimuli in their life.  And, ONE-PIECE's heroes are pirate.  So, they travel the world.  There are many interesting islands such as the one in the sky, and the one made by sweets.  These unique world views never bore the readers.

★ I will introduce "Anpanman."  Anpanman is watched by many children.  It gives us love and courage.  I have three reasons.  First, Anpanman makes us happy to five courage.  Second, many characters appeared in this anime.  People who watch it never get tired.  Third, characters of Anpanman are very unique.  Anpanman's face is made of bread.  I think it's interesting for children to watch with their parents.  For these reasons, I will introduce about Anpanman.

The Golden Week Holiday 3

The following is our ALT’s story of her Golden Week Trip.

On the 1st of May, I travelled to Tokyo using the shinkansen. The first thing I did was go to the Imperial Palace as I wanted to be there on the first day of Reiwa, the Palace gardens are very beautiful. In Tokyo, I got to eat Monjayaki for the first time. It looked awful compared to most Japanese food. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it as its appearance really wasn’t appetising, but after the first bite, I realised how tasty it was. I also went to a modern art museum in Koto called TeamLab Planets. It’s an interactive experience where it plays with your senses of sound, sight touch and smell. Each room I walked through was different. My favourite was a room filled will lights hanging from the ceiling. They changed colours and made patterns, it was mesmerising to look at. I highly recommend anyone going to Tokyo to try it out, it’s a lot of fun.

The Golden Week Holiday 2

The following is our ALT’s story titled “My Golden Week Trip 2″

Osaka is a great place to stay if you want to visit other places. It is incredibly easy to visit Kobe and Kyoto from Osaka. On Sunday the 28th of April I went to Kobe with one of my friends Ignatius. We went to the port where there was live music playing and many K-POP dancers performing on stage. The best thing about that day was going to a restaurant and eating Kobe beef. I treated myself to an A5 grade rib-eye steak and the chefs cooked it in front of me. It was the absolute best eating experience of my life. The meat was so tender and juicy, it had so much flavour in each bite I never wanted to stop chewing. The steak wasn’t very big so I was worried I would still be hungry afterwards, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. That meal was very filling and I even struggled to finish it.

The Golden Week Holiday 1

The following is our ALT’s story of the Golden Week holiday.

For Golden Week I decided to take a trip to Osaka and Tokyo. My friend Bao from the UK came to visit me during GW so we explored Japan together. I really like Osaka as I feel there is so much to do and see around that area. I really like all the different varieties of food you can get in Osaka. One of the highlights for me was trying fluffy pancakes for the first time at Micasadeco & Cafe. I think they might have been the most delicious pancakes that I have ever had. The pancake we so light, delicate and soft it felt like I was eating a cloud. For dinner, I had okonomiyaki at Chibo. It was very nice, I and my friend tried both Hiroshima and Osaka style okonomiyaki, but I could not choose which style I preferred.

Online English Conversation Lessons

The following are the students’ answers to the task “Try!”, whose topic is “Do you prefer to go out or relax at home on the weekend?  And why?”

*   I prefer to relax at home on the weekend, becuase I like to watch dramas, comedy shows and so on on TV.  The often appear on the weekend.  I want to watch them because they are very interesting.  Also they give me a lot of knowledge.  They are very useful.

*   I like to relax at home on the weekend, because I like to play video games with my friends.  Playing them is very fun for me.  And, I like to watch baseball games, too.  Watching them is very exciting.

*   I prefer to relax at home on the weekend.  I am very busy everyday, becuase I have to go to juku and practice my club activities.  I want to sleep a lot on the weekend.  But I sometimes go shopping with my family, because I can reduce stress through shopping.  I often eat sweets!

*   I prefer to go out on the weekend, because I can get various experiences.  I often go to the gym to play badminton.  I usually go there with my friends.  Exercise is good for me and it’s fun.  I enjoy playing it very much.  I want to be able to play badminton very well.

*   I like to go out better than to relax at home on the weekend, because I like exercise.  I often play softball at school.  I sometimes go shopping with my family on the weekend.  Going shopping makes me and my family happy.  I have a good time on the weekend.