Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 9

The following is a student's story about their Golden Week Holiday in 2019.

I climbed Mt. Ishizuchi with my family.  It was the first climbing experience for me and my sister.  First, we moved from Shimetani station to Joju station by ropeway and walked to the Joju station.  After visiting there, the mountain climbing began.  I went up a lot of stairs and walked uphill and downhill, so my feet hurt.  I also took a break on the way.  I climbed the first chain, the second chain, and the third chain.  The last chain were almost vertical and seemed long.  If you climb it and you will arrive at the top!  It was a long and hard way, but it was very fun to walk in nature, as it is not usually the case.  I also went to Mt. Tengu at a height of 1982 meters.  The height of 1982 meters was so high that I was surprised.  There was a big sense of accomplishment when I reached the top.  I had a very good experience as I was able to climb the highest mountain in western Japan.  I want to go there again.