Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 6

The following is a student's story about their GW holiday.

On May 6th, I ate freshwater fish and a charcoal-grilled chickens with my family in our garden.  These fish were caught by my father and brothers for my family.  The name of the fish is called "trout."  The fish is faster than killifish.  First, I ate trout.  It was tasty and it had a lot of meat because the trout was very fresh.  Second, I ate a charcoal-grilled chicken.  My father grilled them for us.  My father is kind.  The chicken was very good, too.  It made me happy, and my family made me feel relaxed.  I am full of happiness because I got to spend time with my family.  I want to go camping this summer.  I love my family.