Students' essays

The following are responses to the assignment "If you take a foreigner to some tourist sights in Japan, what place will you recommend?"

★ I will introduce Okinawa.  I have visited there once.  I have three reasons why I want to introduce it.  First, nature of Okinawa is beautiful.  We can see coral reef and brilliantly fish in the sea.  Also we are able to swim together.  Second, we should learn about World War Ⅱ.  The Second World War had a major influence all over the world.  Third, staying in Okinawa makes us feel at ease.  For these reasons, I will introduce Okinawa.

★ I recommend you should visit Nara Park.  It is very popular among foreigners.  In Nara Park, we can give deer some food.  But you should be careful because they eat anthing.  There is Todaiji temple near Nara park.  There, you can see the Gread Buddha.  It is so big and wonderful.  We can have many precious experiences.  Let's visit Nara Park and give deer food!