Students' Essays

The following are responses to the assignment "If you take a foreigner to some tourist sights in Japan, what place will you recommend?"

★ If I take a foreigner to some tourist sights in Japan, I will recommend Hiroshima.  I have been to Hiroshima many times.  There are many places to visit.  For example, Matsuda doom stadium, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Yamato Museum, Miroku no sato, and so on.  We can watch baseball games in Matsuda Stadium.  It's very exciting.  Miroku no sato is an amusement park.  Most people can enjoy visiting there.  So I want foreign tourists to go to Hiroshima.

★ I want to take you to "Mizuki Shigeru road."  I have never been  there.  I also want to go there.  There are a lot of unique Japanese ghosts which were made by Mizuki Shigeru.  Mizuki Shigeru is a famous Japanese cartoonist.  His most famous comic is "Gegege no kitaro."  My favorite ghost is "Tofu kozo."  You will be happy if you visit there!