Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question, "What's your opinion about school uniforms for high school students?"

School uniforms make us feel part of the group.  It prevents discrimination based on clothes and saves time, effort and money.  There's no need to buy new clothes or think about what to wear.  Uniforms could help us study and "get into concentration mode" in a way how our roms might slow down our studying becayse it's a place of comfort.  Bad sides include no chances to express individuality or uniqueness.  Teenagers are at a point of their lives where they have to discover themselves but uniforms hinder that development.  Uniforms also makes us identifiable, which in turn represents the school.  Since it's possible to five the schol a bad reputaion, it calls for stricter rules.  Strict rules make the atmosphere unconfortable, where as wearing our own clothes would ake  us feel relaxed, and of course people are more comfortable if they get to choose what to wear.  I'm not against school uniforms, but I think there is an alternative solution.