Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 5

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I ate watermelon for the first time this year on the last day of the Heisei era.  It tasted sweet because we had had very little rain so far.  I like watermelon.  It's the best of all foods.  When I took English conversation lessons online, I told my teacher about that.  Unexpectedly, watermelons are vegetable.  Actually, melon is the same type of food, too.  My mother said to me a long time ago, "If you eat a watermelon seed, sprouts will come up out of your stomach."  Everyone knows this.  I was scared to hear that.  Looking back on it now, it was a silly story.  Speaking of watermelons, "split a watermelon with a stick blind folded," "fruit punch," and so on occur to me.  I'm getting excited just thinking about it.  I will keep loving watermelons.