Yu-fa-z(International Understanding and Medical Affairs)

On October 31st, Thursday, 1st year students had "Yu-fa-z."  Students who represented each class made a presentation on "International Understanding" and "Medical Affairs."  They referred to what they had learned through lectures by Saijo City Hall staff and what students themselves had researched, and they suggested their plans to improve the present situation their community is facing.  The 1st year students all actively participated in the presentation and the question and answer session as well.

The 16th High School Students' Grand Contest on Chemistry

On October 26th, Saturday, at Osaka City University, the 16th High School Students' Grand Contest on Chemistry.  Our students made an presentaion on Ishizuchi Kurocha, or black tea.  Their topic was "Scientific Analysis of Ishizuchi Kurocha: For Good Taste and Good Health."

Yu-fa-z(Medical Affairs 2)

On October 7th, 1st year students had a review of the lecture of Yu-fa-z given last week.  They thought deeply about the medical issues in Saijo.

Yu-fa-z (Medical Affairs 1)

On October 3rd, 1st year students had a lecture on medical affairs in Saijo, especially the present situation of the affairs.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding 3)

On September 30th, 1st year students had Yu-fa-z.  They thought about new events which they thought would promote a local society friendly to people with multicultural background.  They shared the ideas in groups and in class.

Research Study(Business Course)

On September 26th, one of the research study groups in the business course, whose theme is Saijo Festival, put together parts of Danjiri, or a float for the local festival.

Multi-Science Ⅰ

From September 17th to 20th, Mr. Mukai and three graduate students from Ehime University visited us and gave advice on our research study.  This visit is part of the trial program which involves graduate school students majoring in pedagogy in research study at high school.

Yu-fa-z (International Understanding 2)

On September 19th, students in the first year had a lecture on international understanding 2.  They shared the ideas about events which they think will lead to the intercultural understanding in the local area.  Then they got information about what kind of international events Saijo City offer to its citizens.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding)

On September 13th, 1st year students had a lecture about international understanding.  A lecturer from Saijo City Hall talked about a local community with foreigners.  Students thought about what they can do to build a city where both local and forein citizens respect cultures with each other.

Report on Science Technology Tour

On September 9th, Monday, students who took part in the science technology tour(Kanto and Kansai area) made a presentation about what they learned at the institutions, laboratories, universites and so on.


Kanto Course: Students visited National Musium of Science, Tsukuba Space Center, NIMS(National Institutions for Materials Science), Nippon Steel Kashima Plant, Tokyo University and so on.

Kansai Course: Students visited Hanashin Awaji Earthquake Memorial Center/Human and Disaster Prevention Future Center, RIKEN, SSH Students' Presentation Contest, Osaka University, Nojima Fault Awaji Preservation Museum and so on.