Japan Physics Conference Jr. Session

The 17th Japan Physics Conference Jr. Session, which gives junior and senior high school students opportunities to make a presentation about science, was held online on Saturday, March 13th.  Students who worked on two research study about physics took part in the meeting.

The following are the topics of their study: The relation between power and frequency with transformer, and The study on the spiral made with the magnetic stirrer.

Poster Presentation

On February 23rd, students did not have a poster session in order to prevent the infection spread.  Instead, all the posters the students made (1st year and 2nd year) are being displayed on the 2nd floor corridor. 


SSH Briefing Meeting of the Research Study

On Wednesday, February 17, Saijo High School had a meeting concerning SSH project.  The students made a presentation on their research study or the online overseas training.

Research Study Presentation (Commercial Course)

Third year students in the commercial course had a presentation meeting about their research study.  Audience, first and second year students in that course, participated in the meeting online.

Yu-fa-zi (Presentation meeting of the pre-research study)

On Monday, February 8th, first year students, representative of each class, had a presentation on their pre-research studynusing the posters.  They used an app, Zoom.  First year students actively participated in the questions and answers session as well.

Ehime Super High School Consotium

On Wednesday, February 3rd, students in the earth science club and first year students in the international literature and science course took part in the Ehime Super High School Consotium.  This event was held online.

Our earth science club members made a presentatio about the research on "ripple mark."  Participants of our school also had the interaction with the students from other school during the questions and answers session.


Yu-fa-zi (Pre-research Study)

On Monday, January 25th, first year students made a presentation in class.  They talked about their group research about the topics (e.g. Disaster Prevention, Medicine, Local Economy, and International Affairs) they have learned in Yu-fa-zi.  They had a questions and answers' session after each presentation.  They evaluated their presentation using "rubric."


Milti Science 1(Stivnite Group)

On Saturday, January 23rd, second year students of the stibnite group visited the collection room of minerals at Ichinokawa Community Center.

Science Study Conference

The first grade students had a study tour o the United Kingdom every year so far.  This year, however, we adjourned it.  It is because of the expanded infection of COVID-19.  We have prepared various plans instead.   On Friday, January 8th, the studnets had a science study conference online.  They had presentations in English to exchange students and teachers from Kyoto University.  They made a presentation in English for the first time.  Then they seemed to be confused but it was a valuable experience ofor them.  We appreciate those from Kyoto university who helped us.

The following are the topic of our presentations;

・Formation of Vortex made by Magnetic Stirrer
・The Improvement of Magnesium Air Battery -- using Chelation of Mg2+
・Making of Vascular Specimens of Pig Kidney8th, the studnerts had a science study conference online.
・Research on Seismic Control System -- Preparation for the Nankai Trough Earthquake

SDGs×High School Youth Meeting

Three students joined "SDGs×high school Youth meeting" online.  The organizer was Ehime University Senior High School.  It was held on Friday, 25th December.  In the first part, they learned about "Efforts of JICA's contribution to SDGs proprtopm: learnt from West Balkan countries."  The lecture was made by Kobayashi Hideyo, who is the director of JICA Shikoku.
Students discussed which one of the SDGs goals the activities introduced in the lecture are aiming at respectively.  In the second part, they had a presentation with confidence about "the research of emergency rations for peopel who need care in case of a disaster." 

Science Experience Training(Eastern Japan devision)

SSH Science experience training(Eastern Japan devision) was held online on Friday, December 25th.  It was an online visit to NIMS this year.  They explained about "Kiankou", which was synthesized in our school.They also told about the institutions where they are studying super heat-resistant alloy or super conduction substance.  During the talk, we held a web meeting and at the same time made an experiment with super conduction substance at our school.

Science Experience Training (West Japan Area)

We conducted the online training on Tuesday, December 22nd.  Five professors from Kyoto University and its related institutions introduced their laboratories and other facilities to us.  In addition, those professors and our students had a discussion about the theme "The  scenery I want to pass on to the younger generation."  It was a meaningful online training experience that helped the students think about how to highten the awareness and spread the activities to build a sustainable society.

"Science Shoot" / Multi Science 1

"Science Shoot"

The team of "magneshium air battery" of the chemistry club ook part in the online award ceremony and presentation of the prizes of "science shoot" on 19th December.  They were selected for the prize winner.

Multi Science --"Deer Group"

For DNA barcording, they conducted the refinement of plusmid DNA on Tuesday, December 22nd.  They analyze the contents in the deer's stomach.  DNA barcording is technology which identify the biological species by using DNA barcord.  What the wild deer ate can be determined by the sequence of the purified DNA.

Multi-Science 1 (English Group)

Students in the English research study group took part in the English class in Tanbara elementary school.  They had a Christmas quiz and a pronunciation quiz with the sixth graders on Monday, December 21st.  The kids enjoyed using English very much and it was a valuable experience for the high school students in the English group.


Special Lecture

Mr. Tamura came to our school to give our students' the lecture about his activities on Friday, December 18th.  He is a representative of joint social Sato-Life and director of Ishizuchi Fureai no Sato.  He retired from the company he had worked for when he was 24 years old.  And then he moved from Tokyo to the mountain area in Saijo.  He is working hard to make good use of empty houses.  The topic of his talk is "Efforts to revitalize Saijo."

Special Lecture

On Thursday, December 17th, we invited Mr. Hirata, Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Ida from Saijo factory of Imabari shipbuilding company and Mr. Iio from Saijo city hall.  The purpose of the lecture is to deepen our students' interest and to make the most of the lecture to realize their future goal.
The following are the topics:
"About the work of Imabari Shipbuilding Company"
"To make Saijo the most exciting town in Japan---about the work of city hall"

Multi-Science 1 (Research group on Spanish Influenza)

2nd year students visited Ehime Prefectural University of Health Science in Tove city, and Toshimori Clinic in Saijo city.  They heard about infections and how to deal with patients with a fever.  This group is researching about the Spanish influenza pandemic.  They are donint ther research, thinking that it may be useful for preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Events at Saijo City Citizens' Activity Center

The second graders of social studies research group exchanged opinions about disaster prevention with the local administration and the NPO officials.  The event of disaster prevention they participated in was held on Sunday, December 13th.

Pre-research study

The first year students have been learning about disaster prevention, medical care, economy, international affairs.  Also, they have been working on pre-assignments, which includes preparations for the next near's assignment.

Research Study(Deer Group)

The second year students of science coursedid TA cloning of PCR product at Imabari Campus, Okayama Science University.  The students of Deer group are working on analytical aietary habit of Jpanese deer.  They study what is in their stomachs.  On Wednesday, December 2, the students put the product into a collon bacillus.  They cultured the collon bacillus on Agar medium containing ampicillin.

Company Tour

On a company tour, the students visited "Itomachi Marche" and its surrounding facilities managed by Ito Project Co. Ltd. on December 1st.  This company works on the specialized fields such as city planning, design and architecture for revitalization of Saijo.  The students learned such efforts and motivated themselves for their futre carrer selection and its realization.

Multi Science 1 (PE groups)

We invited Mr. Yano, FC Imabari's club leader, gave a lecture on November 17.  A lot of students who were working on PE research group took part in the lecture.  In this lecture, the lecturer told about the stories of the time when he led a soccer team in the Netherlands.  In addition, he told the students about what FC Imabari is wroking on to improve themselves.  He said that the team set the long term concrete goals and they are making efforts to realize what they should be.  The following are their goals. "We will become the team that is always in the championship tournaments.  Our goal is to be the top of ACL."  "We produce over 5 players who can play on Japan's national team.

Multi Science 1 (PE groups)

Mr. Kubo, who is an academic director of Ehime Orange Vikings, professional basketball team was invited to the lecture held at our school on Friday, November 13th.  The title of his lecture is "Sport Science's theory and practice."  The lecture was for the students who work on the PE research team.  He told them how to make the most of the sports science theory, how to connect with community and how to revitalize it.

Assigned Research: "Senjyo Team" making banboo green house

Assigned resesarch "Senjyo Team" joined the activity of making a bamboo green house on Sunday, November 8th.  Since last year, our school has joined terraced paddy field research in Senjyo, which Kyoto University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies is working on Senjyo district, located in the mountains of Saino, has a serious problems with the wild animals.  As a cuntermeasure, people decided to make a bamboo green house with the bamboo growing around the area.  They polish and cut the bamboo to use it as the framework of the gree house being made little by little, they are all looking forward to its completion.

"Naruhodo" Idea Contest for High School Students

On Tuesday, November 3rd, the finals of the contest sponsored by Oita Uiversity was held online.  Two research studies conducted by our high school students had been selected among the ten finalists groups.  Also, Saijo high school won the cooperation prize because of many reports of research applied to the contest.

The following are the topics of research study of the two winners:
"AI---Robots and Hospitals---"
"The experiments to grow Nori, or a kind of seaweed, using Uchinuki underground water"

Research Study (Commercial Course)

One of the groups of commercial course is working on the research of Ihinokawa mine.  They are now making a movie to show the attractions of the mine. 


On Thursday, October 29th, 1st year students had the guidance for their pre-research study.  They are going to work on the subjects they are interested in bassed on the lectures they have ever had on "Disaster Prevention", "Medicine", "Economy" and "International Affiars."

Mini-Report Presentation on Local Economy and International Affairs

On Monday, October 26th, 1st year students had the activity of Yu-fa-zi.  Seven groups, each of which was the class representative, made their presentations.

The following are their topics:
"Nature tour in Saijo--Let visitors feel rich local nature---
"The way to support foreign residents and its effects"
"How to revitalize Saijo as a measure to increase the number of people who come back to their hometown Saijo"
"For realizing a society where residents with multicultural backgrounds can live in harmony"
"How can foreig and Japanese residents live in harmony?"
"Let's enjoy traditional dress & food!"
"Let's Quiz---to have a better understanding of other cultures."

"Omoshiro" Science Contest

On October 20th, Tuesday, second grade students of science course took part in the preliminary of the "Omoshiro" or intresting science contest for high school students, which is a writing competition to check knowledge of math, information, and science.

Presentation Skiil Up Seminar

The second year students took part in a presentation skill up seminar on Friday, October 16th.  We invited Mr Hideki MAruo from Ehime Prefectural Science Museum, Arts and Science Division.  It was for the students of the science course.  We asked him to talk about how to make a hypothesis and poster composition.  We also invited Ms. Azusa Iguchi from Ehime University, Faculty of Social Co-creation Department of Regional Resource Management.  It was for the students of the Humanities course.  We asked her to talk about how to organize research, utilize data and make appropriate slides.

Special Lecture

On Thursday, October 15th, the special lecture was held.  The lectureres were Mr. Osuga Kazuhito, president of TOYO-JIN, and prof. Orita Akihiro from Okayama University of Science.
Their topics were "Finding attractions of Saijo and how to make use of them" and "Development of drugs: Poison or Drug---What!? Is the medicine made from deadly poison?" respectively.


On Monday, October 12th, our 1st year students prepared for the presentation.  They are going to have the presentation meeting about Saijo's economy and international relationships.

Company Tour

On Thursday, October 8th, the students took part in a tour of the Ehime Prefectural Science Museum.  They were able to learn about the work and the role of the museum.  Also, they were able to deepen their understanding of the professions as a curator and motivate themselves to choose and realize their future carreer path.
Last year, we conducted a company tour, but the infectious disease has not subsided this year, so the host company was not available.  Therefore, we asked the Prefectural Science Museum for a tour.

Multi Science(Research Study)

On Wednesday, September 30th, the secondyear students of the nanoparticle group visited Niihama National College of Technology.  They had measurements using an X-ray diffractometer.  They could confirm that the powder produced by our school's constant temperature dryer is ferrite.  The group is researching magnetic nanoparticles that generate in an alternating magnetic field.

Special Lecture

The specialized lecture was carried out on Thursday, October 1st.  The lecturers were Mr. Kagawa Tadanobu and Ms. Matsumoto Rinako from Sumitomo machinery Ion technology corperation, and Mr. Suzuki Naoyukifrom NCL Saijo ZENTECH.  Their topic is "Important things when you think of the future course."

Multi Science

A group, which is working on the research about Ishizuhi Black Tea, visited the faculty of agriculture in Ehime University.   Group members carried out an experiment to learn about the anti-allergy effects of the tea.


On Monday, September 28th, Mr. Takekata and Mr. Yoshiki from Saijo City Office gave 1st year students lectures about "Local Economy in Saijo."

"Projects to explore sales markets"
"How to develop local communities through sightseeing projects"

Special Seminars

On Thursday, September 24th, two special seminars were held.  Ms Noor Farahnaz Abu Mansor, a CIR of Niihama, ad Mr. Matsuda, a professor of Kyushu University of Technology, gave students lectures.

"A New Style of Intercultural Communication in the epdemic of COVID-19"
"Does a loooong bridge swing in the wind?  About the technology that can make the range of swinging smaller.


Seminar of Basic Science

1st year students took a lesson about the "Seminar of Basic Science."  This classs help them enhance the interest in studying through daily scientific matters.  One of the lessons was about "Which cubic ices melt faster, those in a glass of water or those in a glass of orange juice?"  Students considered it with their own hypothesis and made a presentation.  Mutual evaluations are carried out to improve their presentation.


On Monday, September 14th, 1st year students had a lecture on how to make a town friendly to people with different cultures.  Mr. Tomozawa from Saijo City Hall gave the lecture.  He talked about several topics: how Saijo City interacts with oversea institutions, how the city is working to involve citizens into intercultural events, and what the epidemic of COVID-19 has brought about to the city.

Multi Science (2nd year students)

Our 2nd year students are now working on their research study.  Members of one of the math groups are studying how to analyze pictures under the instruction of a teacher at the National Institute of Technology, Niihama College.

Shikoku Regional Meeting of the Interhigh School Science Research Presentation

On August 29th, the Shikoku Regional Meeting of the interhigh school science research presentation was held online for Rikejyo, or female students in the science and math course.  Seven high schools' female students took part in it.  A group of our students made a presentation on their research subject, which is about the effects of cushions that can help improve our posture by sitting on them.  They got advice to develop their research.


On August 24th, 1st year students had a meeting at the gym.  Representatives of each class made their presentations about their reports on medicine and disaster prevention.  They had an active question-and-answer session.

Presentation Contest for Students of the Super Science High School 2020

Presentation Contest for Students of the Super Science High School 2020 was held online.  Our students from the chemistry club had recorded their poster presentation and submitted it to the contest.  This day, they watched presentations made by the other students online and voted for the best.  Though held online, our students have learned a lot on how to make a better presentation.  

Relay Lecture

On July 29h, some of the 3rd year students took part in the Relay Lecture to deepen the understanding of the community.  The lecturers were from Saijo City Hall.  The topics were about local industry and water conditions in Saijo.

Seminar at Ehime University

On July 25th and 26th, at Ehime University, a seminar was held in order for high school students to enhance their science skills.  Four students of our school took part in it.  They worked on the experiment in the field of biology and they also learned about data processing with "R", a software.

Seminar at Ehime University

On July 18th and 19th, at Ehime University, the seminar was held in order for high school students to enhance their science skills.  Two groups(nine students) of our school took part in the conference.  They worked on the experiment in the field of chemistry. 

Kahaku Science Research Presentation Meeting

On July 24th, at Ehime Prefectural Science Museum, the 6th Kahaku Science Research Presentation Meeting was held.  Four groups of our students took part in both the meeting of their poster presentation and their stage presentation.  And they won the first prize in each session.

Relay Lecture

On July 16h, some of the 3rd year students took part in the Relay Lecture.  The lecturers were from the Engineering Faculty of Tokushima Bunri University, and Saijo City Hall.  The topics were about robots operating without any engine, tips to create citizen-centered community, and the current medical affairs in Saijo City.

Multi Science (2nd year students)

On July 15th, the 2nd year students in our math and science course had a meeting and made a presentation about their research: how they worked on the project and how it would go.

Multi Science (3rd year students)

On June 11th and 18th, the 3rd year students in our general course had a meeting and made a presentation about their research.

Multi Science (3rd year students)

On June 18th, 3rd year students in the course of International literature and Science had a meeting.  They made a presentation about their research with English summary.  Several guests attended the presentation meeting, from Ehime prefectural Educational Research Center, Ehime Prefectural Science Museum, Niihama college of National Institute of Technology, and Saijo City Hall.  They gave our students fruitful advice.


 - Food Bank ---Comparing Food Banks in Japan and Those Overseas

 - Effect of Ishizuchi Black Tea Under Mental Pressure

 - Measurement of Concentration Change Using Water Solution Using Diffract on Grating



Multi Science (3rd year students)

On June 11th, 3rd year students in the course of International literature and Science had a meeting.  They made an English presentation about the summary of their research.

Their reseach are about:

 - Research on the Method of Making Paints

 - Thinking about the role of picture books ― from countries where people did not read picture books

 - Effective Use of Pictogram at Evacuation Centers

 - Winning strategy of multiples building game

 - A Study on Energy Saving Running Method by Fluid Dynamics

Multi Science (3rd year students)

On June 4th, 3rd year students in the course of International literature and Science had a meeting.  They made an English presentation about the summary of their research.

Their research are about:

 - The relationships between speakers' age and their use of regional dialects

 - Physical strength survey of children and students in Saijo city

 - To reduce long working hours - By comparing working hours in Japan with other countries

 - Disaster Prevention Measures for Cultural Heritage - To Protect Cultural Properties from Fire

 - Secret of Magic Square

 - Improvement of Magnesium Air Battery

Ehime Senior High School Cultural Festival

On November 16th, Saturday, a science presentation contest was held.  The contest is part of Ehime Senior High School General Cultural Festival, and was held in the Science Museum in Niihama.
6 groups took part in the preliminary poster presentation session, and 4 groups progressed to the finals.  Two chemistry groups and one earth science group won the Good Performance Award, and one earth science group won the Incentive Award.

Groups which won the Good Performance Awards are going to take part in the nationwide contest in 2020.

Multi Science Ⅰ(Interim Presentation)

On November 12th, Tuesday, Interim Presentation of Multi Science I, which is the subject Saijo High School sets, was held. 

Group Kabu-chan's, made a model poster presentation.  Their research theme is "Mystery of horseshe crabs--why they, one of the endangered species, have escaped mass extinction."   Ms Yamasaki from Okayama Prefectural Tamashima Senior High School and Mr Sato from Takamatsu Daiichi Senior High School gave them tips to improve their presentation.

Second year students, in total 57 groups of them, made a interim presentation respectively.  30 groups are working on research study in the field of liberal arts, while 27 groups on natural science.  First year students also took part in the presentation as audience.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding and Medical Affairs)

On October 31st, Thursday, 1st year students had "Yu-fa-z."  Students who represented each class made a presentation on "International Understanding" and "Medical Affairs."  They referred to what they had learned through lectures by Saijo City Hall staff and what students themselves had researched, and they suggested their plans to improve the present situation their community is facing.  The 1st year students all actively participated in the presentation and the question and answer session as well.

The 16th High School Students' Grand Contest on Chemistry

On October 26th, Saturday, at Osaka City University, the 16th High School Students' Grand Contest on Chemistry.  Our students made an presentaion on Ishizuchi Kurocha, or black tea.  Their topic was "Scientific Analysis of Ishizuchi Kurocha: For Good Taste and Good Health."

Yu-fa-z(Medical Affairs 2)

On October 7th, 1st year students had a review of the lecture of Yu-fa-z given last week.  They thought deeply about the medical issues in Saijo.

Yu-fa-z (Medical Affairs 1)

On October 3rd, 1st year students had a lecture on medical affairs in Saijo, especially the present situation of the affairs.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding 3)

On September 30th, 1st year students had Yu-fa-z.  They thought about new events which they thought would promote a local society friendly to people with multicultural background.  They shared the ideas in groups and in class.

Research Study(Business Course)

On September 26th, one of the research study groups in the business course, whose theme is Saijo Festival, put together parts of Danjiri, or a float for the local festival.

Multi-Science Ⅰ

From September 17th to 20th, Mr. Mukai and three graduate students from Ehime University visited us and gave advice on our research study.  This visit is part of the trial program which involves graduate school students majoring in pedagogy in research study at high school.

Yu-fa-z (International Understanding 2)

On September 19th, students in the first year had a lecture on international understanding 2.  They shared the ideas about events which they think will lead to the intercultural understanding in the local area.  Then they got information about what kind of international events Saijo City offer to its citizens.

Yu-fa-z(International Understanding)

On September 13th, 1st year students had a lecture about international understanding.  A lecturer from Saijo City Hall talked about a local community with foreigners.  Students thought about what they can do to build a city where both local and forein citizens respect cultures with each other.

Report on Science Technology Tour

On September 9th, Monday, students who took part in the science technology tour(Kanto and Kansai area) made a presentation about what they learned at the institutions, laboratories, universites and so on.


Kanto Course: Students visited National Musium of Science, Tsukuba Space Center, NIMS(National Institutions for Materials Science), Nippon Steel Kashima Plant, Tokyo University and so on.

Kansai Course: Students visited Hanashin Awaji Earthquake Memorial Center/Human and Disaster Prevention Future Center, RIKEN, SSH Students' Presentation Contest, Osaka University, Nojima Fault Awaji Preservation Museum and so on.

"CanSat KOSHIEN"- The Japanese High School CanSat Championship

On August 31st, Saturday, "CanSat KOSHIEN(Shikoku Area)" was held at Marine Park Niihama.  Saijo High School students, who are working on the research study with Niihama National College of Technology, took part in the Shikoku tournament.  Students who are studying technology at college or high school participated, and out students did their best.  They were ranked the third and won the incentive award.

Science Camp with Kyoto University

On August 24th and 25th, our students took part in a science camp (sponsored by Kyoto University) .  The camp was held at Saijo City Regional Revitalization Center and other places in Saijo City.  On the afternoon of the 24th and the morning of the 25th, our students had a field work around rice terraces in Senjo.  After that they gave a presentation on their research to local citizens at the local community center.

High School Students' Research Presentation Contest in Yamaguchi

On August 19th and 20th, High School Students' Research Presentation Contest was held in Yamaguchi.  High schools which have science and math course in Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu areas took part in it.  Ten students of our school's science and math course, who had the research study  in the fields of mathematics, chemistry and earth science, participated in the contest and they made a presentation.

Science Technology Tour (Kansai area)

From August 6th to the 8th, our students took part in a science technology tour in Kansai area.  They learned much about science at the institutions such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial/Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, RIKEN, Osaka University, Nojima Fault Prevention Museum,andso on.  Some of them also made a presentation at the SSH students' research presentation contest held in Kobe.

Science Technology Tour (Kanto area)

From August 5th to the 7th, our students took part in the science technology study tour in Kanto area.  They visited National Science Museum, JAXA, NIMS, Nippon Steel Corporation(Kashima branch), Tokyo University and so on.

To produce Kiankou, or stibnite

On July 20th and 21st, Mr. Matsushita, who works for NIMS visited our school.  Mr. Matshita is studying stibnite and he gave advice to the students who are working on the research study on Kiankou, or stibnite.  They are now working on producing the mineral.  By studying under what condition stibnite could be produced, they might find out why stibnite which was mined out at Ichinokawa, Saijo,is among the ones with the largest crystals in the world.

Science Technology Tour

On July 19th, Friday, our students took part in the company tour.  They visited Shikoku Power Plant Sakaide and Kagawa branch of Mitsubishi Chemical Institution, both of which are located in Sakaide City,Kagawa. Students learned about what both companies are working on, and had a facility tour.


Basic Science Seminar

On the afternoon of July 12, the first conference of SSH management and guidance commettee was held.  Prior to the meeting the Basic Science Seminar Lesson was open to guests and visitors.  Students in 1-2 made a presentation in English on four scientific phenomena such as Gaussian accelerator, Return cylinder, Melting ice and Rotating magnet.  They were doing their best to make themselves understood.

Multi Science 1 (Research Study)

On July 12th, the debriefing session of research study for the students in literature course was held.  Our students made a presentation on their study which they have been working on since this April.  Teachers from Ehime Prefectural Education Center gave the students advice on how they should make their research a fruitful one, how they could make their presentation effective, and how important it is to refer to previous studies.


Multi Science 1 (Research Study)

On July 10th, the debriefing session of research study for the students in math and science course was held.  Our students made a presentation on their study which they have been working on since this April.  Teachers from Ehime Prefectural Education Center and Niihama Industrial College of Technology gave the students advice on how they should make their research a fruitful one, how they could make their presentation effective, and how important it is to refer to previous studies.


Students' Presentation on "Disaster Prevention" and "Local Economy"

On July 4th, students in the first year had Yu-fa-z.  7 groups (one out of each group) had their presentation on "Disaster Prevention" or "Local Economy."   Each group did their best and they had an active session of questions and answers.


Students in the first year prepared for the presentation on the topics "Disaster Prevention" and "Local Economy" on June 20th, Thursday.  They worked in groups in each class.  Some of them are going to have a presentation in the gym with a class representative on July 4th.