From Germany

A student in our international literature and science course, who has been involved in the program "Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative," is now in Germany learning German at YFU language camp with some Japanese students.  They will soon start their school life as exchange students.  The article about them was on the local newspaper.   


The Tobitate!(Leap for Tomorrow) Young Ambassador Program

The send-off Party and the advance training for the 5th batch of students studying abroad was held on June 8th, Saturday at MEXT.  Our student who is leaving for Germany this July to study took part in the meeting.  About 300 high school students gathered from all over Japan.  They inspired each other and had a very fruitful time.  (This year a total 800 high school students are leaving Japan to study abroad with the help of this Tobitate! program.)