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Multi Science (3rd year students)

On June 4th, 3rd year students in the course of International literature and Science had a meeting.  They made an English presentation about the summary of their research.

Their research are about:

 - The relationships between speakers' age and their use of regional dialects

 - Physical strength survey of children and students in Saijo city

 - To reduce long working hours - By comparing working hours in Japan with other countries

 - Disaster Prevention Measures for Cultural Heritage - To Protect Cultural Properties from Fire

 - Secret of Magic Square

 - Improvement of Magnesium Air Battery


Shelley's English Board "Why Learn English?"

Our ALT made her new English Board.  She has introduced a lot of opportunities in which we use English.  Also she put about 60 flags to show countries that speak English.


Welcome back

On May 11th our school started again.  We are offering reduced classes in smaller groups for the safety of students.


English Board

Shelley, our assistant language teacher, revised her "English Message Board".  It is full of lovely cherry petals. 


Students' Essays

The following is a letter written by a student as a citizen of a host town, which says about the attraction of the hometown. 

Ehime has "Dogo Onsen."  It is a famous hot spring in Japan.  Many tourists visit there every year.  It is so good!

The Legend of White Heron:

Long, long ago, a white heron which had injured its leg found the hot spring.  It came there to soak its leg in the spring water every day.  After that, its injury was cured.  People who heard about the story used the hot spring.  There, they could relax and became rejuvenated.  Also, sick people used the hot spring and they recovered from their illness!!

When you come to Japan, please take the time to visit this spring bath.