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Research Study Presentation (Commercial Course)

Third year students in the commercial course had a presentation meeting about their research study.  Audience, first and second year students in that course, participated in the meeting online.

Yu-fa-zi (Presentation meeting of the pre-research study)

On Monday, February 8th, first year students, representative of each class, had a presentation on their pre-research studynusing the posters.  They used an app, Zoom.  First year students actively participated in the questions and answers session as well.

Ehime Super High School Consortium

On Wednesday, February 3rd, students in the earth science club and first-year students in the international literature and science course took part in the Ehime Super High School Consortium.  This event was held online.

Our earth science club members made a presentation about the research on "ripple mark."  Participants of our school also had the interaction with the students from other school during the questions and answers session.


Yu-fa-zi (Pre-research Study)

On Monday, January 25th, first year students made a presentation in class.  They talked about their group research about the topics (e.g. Disaster Prevention, Medicine, Local Economy, and International Affairs) they have learned in Yu-fa-zi.  They had a questions and answers' session after each presentation.  They evaluated their presentation using "rubric."