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Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 4

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I went to Osaka with my family on May 2nd.  We went to USJ, an amusement park in Osaka.  We rode many roller coasters, because I like them.  There are many cute characters there.  I like Minions very much.  I bought many of their goods and I bought my friends some souvenirs.  I hope they will be happy.  We were so excited.  But we were also tired, too.  Because there are many people there.  After riding the attractions, we ate takoyaki, popular Japanese food.  They were very delicious.

We went to Kyoto on May 3rd.  We visited Kitano-temangu, a Japanese temple.  I prayed to become a smart girl.  And we visited Byodoin.  We visited there for the first time.  Byodoin Hoodo hall is displayed on the ten yen coin.  I thought it was beautiful.

I was excited.  I had a good time.  The two days in which we went to Osaka and Kyoto were good memories.


Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 3

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I had the Toyo high school track and field competition from May 1st to May 3rd.  It's very important.  The top eight finalists can take part in the Ehime high school track and field competition in June, so we practiced so hard to win this competition.

I entered the 100-meter race, the 400-meter hurdle race and a 400-meter relay race.  It is the first time for me to enter the 400-meter hurdle race.  It was known as the most severe race, so I was very nervous. But I was able to finish and I will be able to enter the Ehime competition.  I was very happy.  My goal is to join the Shikoku high school track and field competition this year.  Of course, I will aim to join the All Japan high school track and field competition next year!  So I have to practice harder and harder.  I want to run faster!


Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 2

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

A comprehensive rugby athletic meet was held on April 29th in Shikokuchuo city.  I am the rugby club manager.  I was very excited because I had never been to see the athletic club competition.  The venue was warmed up before the game, and we proceeded with preparations.

Then the game started.  I was fascinated by the scene of passing the ball of the club members, the form of collision, and so on.  I was very moved by seeing each play in front of my eyes as I was carrying the ball. 

As a result, we lost the game, but I saw seniors discussion the game after it was over and smiling but saying they were frustrated but had fun.
We do not have much time left with the third graders, so I would like to take care of the future games and practice days.


Students' stories about their Golden Week Holiday 1

The following is a student's story about their GW in 2019.

I went to Kochi with my family on May 2nd. 

First, we visited an aquarium which used to be a school.  so there were a lot of innovative devices.  For example, fish were swimming in the pool and there were wash facilities before.  I felt interesed to see them because I have never seen them. 

Second, we visited a 'ruined' cafe.  At first, it felt creepy because the appearance of the cafe looked too bad.  I thought that this building was not a cafe but we had lunch there.  I ate a rice casserole with white sauce.  It was very delicious.  So I was surprised.  When I left the cafe, I thought that the retro cafe was fashionable.  I also thought that the cafe is very good because the old building is reused.  It is a good idea.  I had a good time on this day.


Anime/Manga 2

The following are students' answers to the task "Choose one anime/manga and explain why it is popular all overr the world."


★ I think "Spirited Away" is popular all over the world.  I have two reasons.  First, the outline is realisitic and complicated.  It is an unpredictedable story for foreigners.  Second, the expression and depiction are elaborate and attractivee.  The change of characters' feellings have been appreciated in many countries.  That's why Japanese anime and manga are popular all over the world.  They entertain both childrena and adults. 

★ I will introduce Sailar Moon.  This is the story that a firl transforms into a pretty girl warrior named Sailor Moon and defeats the evil organization.  It is popular because its story is funn.  Also, clothes of characters are very cute.  So, some foreigners want to wear costumes.  It is a little old anime, but it's worth watching.  Why don't you watch this anime? 


The following is an exchange student's answer to the above task.

★ Dragon Ball is an anime famous for many reasons such as its epic fighting scenes, lovable characters and interesting plots.  It could be considered as a classic because of how well it has aged, since people to this day still watch it.  It is mainly targeted to young males because of its action filled story and shonen like features.  Overall Dragon Ball had a good timing and in general is an addictive and a great anime.