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Science Technology Tour (Kansai area)

From August 6th to the 8th, our students took part in a science technology tour in Kansai area.  They learned much about science at the institutions such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial/Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, RIKEN, Osaka University, Nojima Fault Prevention Museum,andso on.  Some of them also made a presentation at the SSH students' research presentation contest held in Kobe.


Science Technology Tour (Kanto area)

From August 5th to the 7th, our students took part in the science technology study tour in Kanto area.  They visited National Science Museum, JAXA, NIMS, Nippon Steel Corporation(Kashima branch), Tokyo University and so on.


If you take a foreigner to some tourist sights in Japan, what place will you recommend?

The following are responses to the assignment "If you take a foreigner to some tourist sights in Japan, what place will you recommend?"

☆ I want  you to go to Yukimoto Farm.  There are many fruits in each season.  In spring, we can enjoy strawberry picking.  In the farm, strawberries are so big and sweet.  They are so delicious.  In fall, we can eat plums.  They are very red and look so delicious.  They are  healthy for us.  Also, we can enjoy grape picking.  The grapes are juicy and sweet.  Yukimoto farm is in Tambara in Saijo.  Tambara is famous for fruits.  Why don't you go to Yukimoto farm in Tambara?

☆ I will recommend Love Crepe to Edvin.  Love Crepe is near Saijo High School.  It sells the various crepe as strawberry crepe.  Students of my school often go there after school.  I like caramel crepe the best in the shop.  It is very good, and it gives me energy.  Also, my friends and I are going to go there today.  I'M looking forward to eating crepe.



Short-term Exchange Students from the US

Last July we accepted short-term exchange students from the US. 

Two students from New Jersey paid a visit on July 9th.  They had PE and calligraphy classes with the students in 1-7 and an English lesson with 1-6 students.

Three YFU exchange students spent two weeks at Saijo high school and experienced a Japanese high school life.  They took part in club activities, a group match and cheering for the Saijo baseball team. 


Interaction with students from Kahoku University, China

On July 30th, the ESS club members interacted with students from Kahoku University, who had stayed in Saijo.  They seemed a little nervous at first, but gradually they became on friendlier terms through group talk.  They had a fun time over Pon-Mame, or local sweets made from rice, and a game called "Fruit Basket Turnover."