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Multi Science 1 (Research Study)

On July 10th, the debriefing session of research study for the students in math and science course was held.  Our students made a presentation on their study which they have been working on since this April.  Teachers from Ehime Prefectural Education Center and Niihama Industrial College of Technology gave the students advice on how they should make their research a fruitful one, how they could make their presentation effective, and how important it is to refer to previous studies.



Students' Presentation on "Disaster Prevention" and "Local Economy"

On July 4th, students in the first year had Yu-fa-z.  7 groups (one out of each group) had their presentation on "Disaster Prevention" or "Local Economy."   Each group did their best and they had an active session of questions and answers.


Students' Answers to the Task "Is food in Japan healthy?" 1

The following is a student's answer to the task, "Is food in Japan healthy?"

I think that food in Japan is healthy.  I have two reasons.  First, Japanese food take a lot of nutrition.  Second, there are a lot of chemical-free vegetables in Japan.  They are safer than others.  These are the reasons why I think food in Japan is healthy.


Students' Stories

The following are students' answers to the task "What team do you join now?  Try to write about it in more detail." "To someone who hasn't joined any teams.  What are you interested in?  What do you enjoy doing?"

☆ I am in the photography club.  I usually take pictures of animals and scenery.  I like landscape photos.  Also, I like taking pictures.  We can take pictures with our own cameras.  So we can take our favorite pictures.  It is very fun for me.

☆ I am in the English Speaking Society club.  It is a poular club in my high school.  There are about thirty people in the club.  We usually enjoy studying English.  I like to talk with other students in English.

☆ I am on the soccer team.  I started soccer when I was seven years old.  So I have been playing it for nine years.  I like to play soccer, because I like sports.  I want to try baseball and basketball.  But I don't have time to play them.

☆ I'm interested in TV programs such as the news, sports, travel, and comedy programs.  I enjoyed watching these programs.  My hobby is collecting stamps.  They are very beautiful.  I want to have more hobbies.


Students' Stories about their Golden Week Holiday 12

The following is a student's story about their GW holiday.

On April 27, I went to see a basketball game with my friends which our seniors took part in.  The game was held in Imabari Industrial High School.  There were two games on the first day, and on the second day, there was a rivival of the losing teams.  Our seniors had 1 win and 1 loss.

On April 28, our school team had the loser revival match with the team from Imabari Kita High School, who lost a match the previous day.  We cheered for our team with all our might.  Our team lost the game.  It meant that they had to retire.  I was very sad.  But it was good to see the seniors' games.  It was good to become a manager of the male basketball team.  I love my seniors.