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Short-term Exchange Students from the US

Last July we accepted short-term exchange students from the US. 

Two students from New Jersey paid a visit on July 9th.  They had PE and calligraphy classes with the students in 1-7 and an English lesson with 1-6 students.

Three YFU exchange students spent two weeks at Saijo high school and experienced a Japanese high school life.  They took part in club activities, a group match and cheering for the Saijo baseball team. 


Interaction with students from Kahoku University, China

On July 30th, the ESS club members interacted with students from Kahoku University, who had stayed in Saijo.  They seemed a little nervous at first, but gradually they became on friendlier terms through group talk.  They had a fun time over Pon-Mame, or local sweets made from rice, and a game called "Fruit Basket Turnover."


Lecture on Hawaii

On July 19th, the ESS international understanding club members invited two interns at EPIC, both of whom are from Hawaii University.  Our students learned many aspects of Hawaii, such as geography, music, clothing, local food and local language.  They also made a presentation on the charms of Saijo.


Lecture on Ichinokawa Kiankoku, or stibnite

On July 20th, Mr. Watanabe, a president of the organization, is now working on treasuring the future of Ichinokawa mine.  He gave a lecture at our school.  Students of the chemistry club and the business course had his lecture.  Mr. Watanabe has been studying Ichinokawa mine for a long time.  He talked about the history of stibnite mined at Ichinokawa, and also he told us that Ichinokwa stibnite is exhibited at the British Museum and is a legacy Saijo citizens can be proud of.



To produce Kiankou, or stibnite

On July 20th and 21st, Mr. Matsushita, who works for NIMS visited our school.  Mr. Matshita is studying stibnite and he gave advice to the students who are working on the research study on Kiankou, or stibnite.  They are now working on producing the mineral.  By studying under what condition stibnite could be produced, they might find out why stibnite which was mined out at Ichinokawa, Saijo,is among the ones with the largest crystals in the world.