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Science Contest for Senior High School Students 2019 (Ehime University)

On November 10th, Sunday, Engaging Science Contest for Senior High School Students 2019 was held at Ehime University.  Eight students took part in the contest.  They progressed to the finals.  They won the Ehime Prefectural Board of Education Award for the second prize.


Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question, "Which is worse, arguing with someone orfiving someonethesilent treatment?"

I think giving someone the silent treatment is worse.  It's because I felt sad when I was given that treatment by my friend.  I am stubborn and I am poor at saying "I'm sorry."  Because of this, we couldn't be friends for a while.  I always argue with my friend to solve a problem saying "Sorry."  But I think relationship trouble is one of the experiences worth having.


Yu-fa-z(International Understanding and Medical Affairs)

On October 31st, Thursday, 1st year students had "Yu-fa-z."  Students who represented each class made a presentation on "International Understanding" and "Medical Affairs."  They referred to what they had learned through lectures by Saijo City Hall staff and what students themselves had researched, and they suggested their plans to improve the present situation their community is facing.  The 1st year students all actively participated in the presentation and the question and answer session as well.


The 16th High School Students' Grand Contest on Chemistry

On October 26th, Saturday, at Osaka City University, the 16th High School Students' Grand Contest on Chemistry.  Our students made an presentaion on Ishizuchi Kurocha, or black tea.  Their topic was "Scientific Analysis of Ishizuchi Kurocha: For Good Taste and Good Health."


Saijo Halloween Party 2019

Saijo City Halloween Party was held in Saijo Shopping Mall on October 26th, Saturday.  Some of our students took part in the event as volunteer staff.  Uchinuki Wartern, or Saijo High School Mascot, was an "idol."  Young children looked happy when taking a picure with the mascot.