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Students' Essays

The following is a student's response to the question, "What's your opinion about school uniforms for high school studetns?"

It is often said that school uniforms make it difficult to express individuality.  I'm sometimes convinced of the idea and think that I want to wear my favorite clothes, but now I'm not against school uniforms.  One day, I had a chance to visit a nursing home.  I talked with the elderly and then, she said to me, "Your school unifrm reminds me of my school life."  She told me a lot of her experiences of her school life.  The school life is different from present school life.  However, my school u niform connects present with the past.  I think not changing thins like school uniforms are important.  Tradition connects various things.


Students' Essay

The following is a student's response to the question "What is your dream?"

I want to become a famous game creator.  Also, I want to work to work in Nintendo.  Nintendo is one of the most popular companies which produce video games.  for example, Super Mario series, Seruda series and Carbee series.  I am watching many video games and studying to learn compter techniques at university.  I would often play video games with my friends, and then I feel a great joy.  That's why I want my dream to come true.  When it comes true, I will be a man who can make an effort to reach my aim.


Yu-fa-z(Medical Affairs 2)

On October 7th, 1st year students had a review of the lecture of Yu-fa-z given last week.  They thought deeply about the medical issues in Saijo.


Yu-fa-z (Medical Affairs 1)

On October 3rd, 1st year students had a lecture on medical affairs in Saijo, especially the present situation of the affairs.


Yu-fa-z(International Understanding 3)

On September 30th, 1st year students had Yu-fa-z.  They thought about new events which they thought would promote a local society friendly to people with multicultural background.  They shared the ideas in groups and in class.